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Eight Ballz Powder
Pump-it - Novelty Powder
Pump-it - Novelty
Powder - 1000mg
Concentrated Disco
Bath Salt 1000mg
Eight Ballz 1000mg        $20.99
Amped Novelty Powder
Amped Novelty
Powder 500mg
Variety Pack J2          $80.99
Variety Pack J1        $80.99
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I'm very happy i received my stuff..great quality
V2 your product is the best..keep it up.  
Michelle JAN 2019
wow so fast delivery. I want to thank for supplying me what i really wanted..more orders coming!!! DEC 2018
v2 thanks yo eight ballz really great i received my order on time. Paul FEB. 2019

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1)Please send the specified amount of BTC to the address presented to you. In the example above, the wallet ID/number is 3NhHNxy3KAKVRipGpfezyRtC6oXhQjhE3e (Make sure to send enough to cover any coin transaction fees)


a)You will need to initiate the payment using your software or online wallet and copy/paste the address and payment amount into it. We will email you when all funds have been received.

b)You have 3 hours for us to receive confirmed funds. If you send funds that don’t confirm by the timeout contact us at 347-842-0147 or with the information below and will manually approve your order. Please make sure you have the following information handy when calling

i) The transaction ID noted in the “What To Do Next” informational tab.

ii) A payment address to send the funds to if you would prefer a refund, which will be your wallet number.

iii) The verification code: also noted in the “What To Do Next” tab (to verify that you are the transaction sender).

2)After sending payment, review the status of your transaction on this page. Once the payment is confirmed several times in the block chain, the payment will be completed and the merchant will be notified. The confirmation process usually takes 30-45 minutes but varies based on the coin’s target block time and number of block confirms required. The status page is available for the next 30 days.

When your payment is complete, return to our store via the link provided. An email will be sent to you confirming the order’s placement, and shipment will commence within 24-48 business hours, or notification will be sent if any delays are expected.

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